• “As your goals and personal life change, we help you FOCUS your plans on reducing debt and increasing retirement clarity.”

Do you have excess cash flow now that your children have finished school or moved out?
Are you repaying your debt but still don’t have the end in sight?
Worried about what your retirement will look like?
Planning a holiday or large expense but not sure how to fund it?
Do you need to revisit your financial goals now that your lifestyle has changed?
Want to invest in shares and need guidance?

One of the broader client groups are the pre-retirees. Typically these clients have older children, and/or working full time with less financial commitments than their 20s and 30s.

With additional cash flow, and perhaps still carrying debt, our advisers are well-equiped in assisting these clients to “focus” on the financial years ahead, work on eliminating debt, and creating savings goals and targets.